August 13, 2019

Red currant cordial

As I have some red currants in surplus after making both this red & black currant jelly and all currant jelly, I decided to turn the last red currants into cordial using this recipe in black currant cordial replacing the black currants with red currants instead of.

Adjust the ratio of water and sugar to the amount of white currants, which you have picked as well as the amount of white currant juice, which you have after the cooking process.It is an easy recipe to scale up as well as down.

I think, that you from the photo at the top you can see, that my red currant cordial sometime after the filling decided to make itself into a jelly instead of a cordial. It could be because, the pectin content in the red currants liquid was higher compared to the two other cordials (black & white). I am certain, that I have been using the same amount of sugar to liquid. So next year, I think I should either use less sugar or try a different recipe on red currant cordial. It could also the addition of the citric acid, which resulted in the jelling of the cordial.

I also think, that my work colleagues will have a good laugh, when they see these photos and start to talk about pre-gelling (the lumps on the side of the bottle).

Red currant cordial:
  • 1000 g red currant - washed and cleaned, the stalks removed
  • 300 ml water
  • 300 g sugar per 500 ml black currant juice
  • 1 teaspoon citric acid per 500 ml black currant juice
  1. Place the prepared red currants together with the water in cooking pot.
  2. Bring the red currants to the boil, let the red currant simmer for 10 minutes.
  3. Mask the red currants to release all of the fruit juice.
  4. Pour the red currants either into a jelly bag or into a sieve. It is easier to press the red currants with a cooking spoon, when placed in a sieve based on my experience.
  5. Measure the amount of red currant juice. Add the red currant juice in a cooking pot with 300 g sugar per 500 ml red currant as well as 1 teaspoon citric.
  6. Dissolve the sugar over low heat. The cordial should not be boiled.
  7. Pour the red currant cordial into cleaned bottles.
  8. Dilute the red cordial with water upon serving it.
  9. Enjoy :-)

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