December 09, 2012

Christmas afternoon tea

Christmas afternoon tea table
I needed some "help" with eating all the various many different things, which I have created/am creating for the on-going Christmas Calender. Luckily I did not have to look fare away for some assistance in this connection, as my good friends in Horsens were willing to drive from Horsens to Vejle on this second Sunday in Advent during the "silent snow storm".

Besides from bring a wonderful bottle of cremant from the wine house Dopff Au Moulin, which according the French wine maker´s great comment was: "What to served together with Crement ? Another glass of Crement !", my friends from Horsens also gave me an "art installation" in form of a snow man in my little garden. Let´s see how look it will last ?

We started with a glass of this excellent Christmas Sparkling Cocktail. As tea I served three different Christmas tea including my own home-made Christmas Tea. Three very different taste interpretation of Christmas.
Cookie stand

As the eatable part of this afternoon tea we got to taste Christmas Scones, home-made æbleskiver (apple slices)  and German style Christmas Stollen.

As the finishing touch we could look at and taste from this cookie stand, which stuffed from bottom to top with the following home-made Christmas "stuff":
Bottom layer: Italian style panforte Italian style confect - Butter cookies with lemon - Butter cookies with cocoa and orange.
Middle layer: Finnish ginger cookies - Estonian ginger bread cookies
Top layer: Marzipan role with alcoholic fruit - French Croissant à la vanille.

I will share of these recipes with you in the on-going Christmas Calendar of 2012.
Hannibal the Cat getting some fresh air

During the night time we got a new layer of snow. Snow is NOT the favourite weather of Hannibal the Cat, so he spends a lot of time looking out of the window, or just laying on "his" door mate looking at this strange white cold stuff.

When I took the photo below of Hannibal, I noticed, that he was eating of the snow like small children.
Hannibal the Cat - what is this cold white stuff in my garden ?

Snow man in the garden

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