December 28, 2012

Celebration suggestions for New Year 2012

Celebration of New Year moving from the old year of 2012 to a brand new year of 2013 requires some champagne/sparkling wine/bobbles and in Denmark also cakes made of marzipan as well.

So a prepration for the fast approaching 2013 I have collected all the various suggestions on marzipan cake (known as kransekage in Denmark), which I have created during the "life time" of Kitchen of Kiki in this blog post and a few suggestions for sparkling drinks.

The major advantages of making your own marzipan cake is, that you are in control of the overall  sweetness in the final cake, so you can make the cake more or less sweet according to your sweetness preference, instead for "just living with" the sweetness in the cakes, which you buy.

Final important remark: remember to serve the marzipan cake with a sweet type of champagne or sparkling wine, as the combination of sweet marzipan cake and dry sparkling wine is a taste killer.

If you would like to have  more softness in your marzipan cake, you should freeze them after baking. The only drawback is, that freezing reduce the overall flavour profile of the cake.


The "classic" type of marzipan cake is the white version of these zebra marzipan cake. The white version is made from plain marzipan, while the dark version is made from marzipan containing cocoa.

Another good tasting marzipan cake could be these marzipan orange cakes or with an extra little twist in of orange flower as here marzipan orange cakes with orange flower. A third suggestion giving similar looking cakes are marzipan cakes with clementine and Cointreau.

Another excellent taste twist on "kransekage" is pomegranate marzipan cake combining the freshness of pomegranate with the sweetness of marzipan.

As a colourfull farwell to 2012 these baked marzipan confect are an option. The only drawback is, that the forefruit marzipan (purple looking marzipan) is loosing colour durin the baking !!!

Well, now the cake "situation" is sorted !!! However, instead of drinking the "usual" glass of champagne/sparkling wine, I have found the following cocktail suggestions based on sparkling wine.

A colourfull drink in form of Pomegranate champange drink

Another elegante twist is Amarena cherry sparkling drink.

A finally colour suggestion is my very own version of  Kir Royal in form of Lønnestræde Kir Royal.

Hopefully I have located some useful suggestion for you for the upcoming New Year :-)

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