December 09, 2012

Christmas Calendar 2012 Day 9 - Christmas Sparkling Cocktail

Christmas Sparkling Cocktail
On this second Sunday of Advent I had invited my good friends from Horsens for a Sunday afternoon tea with focus on - guess what - Christmas :-)

For me a good afternoon tea always starts with glass of bobbles and being in the Christmas month, it was  natural choice to give  this glass a twist of Christmas, so I create Christmas Sparkling Cocktail for this occasion. It turned out to be an elegant combination :-)

UPDATE December 2014:
This Christmas Sparkling Cocktail is another match made in heaven for the monthly blogging event Tea Time Treats have the theme of glitter, sprinkles, candles and shiny stuff. Tea Time Treast is managed by Karen from Lavender and Lovage and Jane from The Hedge Combers.

4 December 2013: This blog has been submitted for the Blogging Challenge "Cooking with Herbs & Christmas spieces" December 2013 
Cooking with Herbs

Christmas Sparkling Cocktail: - 6 glasses

  • 2 dl elderflower cordial 
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 5 all spice
  • 5 cardamon
  • 5 cloves
  • 1 dried ginger
  • 1 bottle of chilled sparkling wine
  1. Place the dried whole spices in a tea bag, closed with a knot.
  2. Fill the elderflower cordial in a cooking pot together with spice tea bag.
  3. Heat up the elderflower cordial to the boiling point. Keep the lid on the cooking pot.
  4. Remove the cooking pot from the heat, still keeping the lid on the cooking pot. Let the spice bag infuse for the elderflower cordial for minimum 12 hours.
  5. Fill 3 cl spiced elderflower cordial into a champagne glass.
  6. Fill up the glass with sparkling wine.
  7. Stir the sparkling wine, so the sparkling wine is mixed with the spices elderflower cordial.
  8. Cheer - wishing you a merry Christmas.
Second Sunday in Advent - now with decorative elements


  1. MORE fabulous boozu ideas for Christmas Kirsten, this cocktail looks so festive and fun! Karen

    1. And the taste in this sparkling cocktail is just wonderful :-) Kirsten


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