September 08, 2013

Apple Afternoon Tea

Apples on the menu card
September is the month of harvesting apples here in Denmark, so why not make an entire afternoon tea for some good girl friends dedicated to apples !!!! It could at the same time boots the overall amount of apple recipes on this blog from 17 recipes containing apple as the main/important ingredient to many more inspiring new apple formulations. So let´s see at the end of this month, how many new apple recipes this September will bring alive in my little kitchen.

Cheers - Apple Appeal
Yesterday afternoon was the day dedicated to the enjoyment of apple besides from celebrating the birthday of Hannibal the Cat. I had used three different apple types for the many different items on the tea table, so on top of eating and enjoying this tea table menu, my two guests also had to guess, which of the three apples had be used for the various menu items. The score card ended with a draw between the participants in form of 1-1 out of maxium score of 6, so there is room for improvements - ladies !!!!

All three of us started the afternoon tea session with developing a new cocktail together from sparkling wine, apple must and a secret apple ingredient. This drink is called "Apple Appeal". During the "development process" we each stood with individual straws, so we could taste the effect by adding the different ingredients. Luckily we agree in harmony, how the recipe should be put together.

The menu was:
Traditional Danish apple cake

"Apple Appeal" - cocktail with sparkling wine and juice must
"Apple Break" - bun with apple inside
Apple scones  served together with apple jam and whipped cream
Apple Financiers
Traditional Danish apple cake
Apple sorbet together with some rhubarb sorbet
And all this will be served together with three different apple teas :-)

It was a "tough" menu to get through. I started my day with breakfast, had nothing for lunch, enjoy the Apple Afternoon Tea and ended up with stomach being to full, so an evening meal was not needed at all. And mid way through the afternoon tea we decided to go for walk for half a hour just to get some fresh air and hopefully some more "storage room" in an overfull stomach.

Both the apple scones and Apple Financiers are both fulfilling the motto of this blog "Plenty of butter". As we sad discussing these two recipes, it turned out, that each single serving of scone and Financiers each contained 20 g of butter !!!! So you easily refer to them as baked butter food.

I will be posting the various apple recipes during this month of September.

Birthday gift for Hannibal the Cat

Hostess gift for the "land lady" of Hannibal

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