September 03, 2013

Having lunch at Sockeri-Jussi in Oulu, Finland

Back in Oulu, Finland 7 months later on from my last (and first) visit, which took place during the middle of the Winter in January, and the surroundings are completely changed. I wonder what they have done to the cold, white stuff, which was covering both land and water in January ?

Instead of being dark, freezing cold (-20'C) and white, it is sunny, warm (+20'C) and green & blue :-) What an amazing difference.

I decided to have lunch at this Lappish style restaurant called Sokeri-Jussi, where I had dinner in January  inside. However, now I could sit outside in a T-shirt and short enjoying both the view and the sun, while I had lunch.

As lunch dish I tried one of the Summer classic from the menu card, which was called Hunter´s sandwich. This is grilled pork sirloin steak and creamy mushroom sauce on white bread served together with salad made from fresh vegetable of the season and Tavern salad dressing. The pork and mushroom sauce was good with great level of creaminess. And the Tavern dressing gave good taste twist to the salad.

In total I ended to with paying approx 30 € for food, a glass of white wine and soft drink. I will give this lunch experience 3 stars.

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