September 05, 2013

Kitchen equipment 22 - ice cream machine

I have upgraded myself and my kitchen with a new thing, which I apparently can not live without ? Well, if you have read the headline of this blog post you already know, that I have brought myself an ice cream machine with compressor in form of a Nemox machine - model Gelatissimo - 1.7 l  capacity with removal ice cream bowl. If you ask why did I select this specific machine, I will say this is a very good question. I brought this machine as I could a discount of 700 DKK, so the price instead of being 2895 DKK was 2195 DKK, when buying it at Coop web shop.

I am looking forward to be making more ice cream in my little kitchen, as I do not need first to freeze down the ice cream bowl for 3-4 hours before making being able to freeze any ice cream at all.
I also have a very ambitious plan about being making ice cream every month, where you as reader will be a part of the process, as I will be making votes on the blog, where you can be voting among 2-3 suggestions of ice cream, which I when will be making afterwards.

So if you can not lick the ice cream bowl/serving plate, when you can be licking the photos without actually getting the calories !!!! I have no idea, if you find this a good deal of not.

Please feel free to leave a comment, if you should have any suggestions for the ice cream vote here in September :-)


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  4. Ice cream machines are outstanding for its magnificent quality and the principle claim to fame about this item is it is least expensive and best and any one can manage the cost of it for making the home made desserts.


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