September 07, 2013

Hannibal the Cat turns 5 year old

Today Hannibal the Cat turns 5 years old, and as he grows older and wiser (perhaps not wiser, but definitely older), he is also becoming a little more lazy/relaxed, so he does not have to be on the go all the time ! He can actually spend more time sound asleep either on a dining chair or in "his" armchair standing next to the window bay.

He has a funny habit, where he likes to sleep behind towels or sheets hanging over the banister, and in his desired to hide behind the towels/sheets, he many times ends up with dragging the entire stack of towels to the floor.

Hannibal the Cat is quiet an independent cat, who is capable of supporting himself from a food view point as he is a great mouse hunter. However, he never brings any mice home with him, as he is fully aware of, that I will take these mice away from him and throw them away. And the only reason why I know, that he is eating mice is due to the fact, that he regulars get worms from enjoying his favourite food "mouse sushi".
Another strange habit of Hannibal the Cat is, that the water in his cat bowl is not good enough for him ! He prefers to drink water directly from the water tap in the kitchen or bathroom. Or he can drink the water from the cat bowl, if it stands in the kitchen sink.

Besides from drinking water in washbasin in the bathroom, he likes to lay in the washbasin looking at me, while I brush my teeth or cleanse my face, making it tricky for me to use the washbasin, so I have to use the kitchen sink.

And if it is very rainy, when I am away during a normal work day, Hannibal the Cat will go and visit "his best" neighbour, who will either let him inside her house or she will find the spare key for my house and let him inside his own home.

Another funny thing about rain is, that Hannibal the Cat can not understand why it is raining on both side of the house ? So he can walk from the kitchen door to the garden demanding to be let out, until he notice it is raining, and when he will walk back to the other door to be let out there.
So happy birthday to you Hannibal and wish you all the best in the coming year and many mice to be caught and eaten as fresh as possible.

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