September 01, 2013

Welcome to September - the first month of Autumn

Welcome to September

September is the very first month of Autumn, where we still can get some amazing days full of sunshine and blue heaven, even though it look very much like Autumn looking out though the windows to grey sky, plenty of wind and strong showers dropping by from time to time.

September is also the month here in Denmark, where you can pick apples grown in your gardens, if you are so lucky to have one or more apples trees in your garden. I have two apple tress, one is column tree of some unknown apple sort and the second tree is a family meaning one tree seeded with three different apple sort: Aroma, Ingrid Marie & Fillippa. And the apple harvest looks very promising this year with plenty of apples, actually some many apples on the family apple tree, that the small branches are bending closer and closer to the lawn.

So I would like to invite you to take a good big bite of freshly picked apples and enjoy a wonderful month of September by sharing these four apple recipes of appetizer with you. I will working with more recipes having apples as an important ingredients during this coming month.

Crab apple aquavit is easy to make and has an amazing taste of apple and keep you warm in a cold Autumn/Winter.

Lønnestræde´s apple jam with various spices

Apples with oat flakes crumble - an easy cake to make, when you need comfort on a grey day.

Apple mash with rosemary and vanilla, which is a great way to use surplus apples or apples, which the wind have knock off the tree. You can eat the apple mash as it is, served it with milk or use in a traditional Danish apple cake combining apple mash, breadcrumbs, whipped cream and jam for optional decoration.

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