September 15, 2013

Traditional Danish apple cake

Continuing with yet another apple recipe, I this time share a very, very, very easy cake for you to make. The preparation for this cake does not require any baking or freezing at all !!!! It is the recipe on a traditional Danish apple cake, which I grew with at home. My mother would make the cake during Autumn , when guests were invited over for coffee, she would never serve it as a dessert in connection with a meal, but always together with coffee.

Even if it is very, very, very easy to make, you still need to make some preparation in advance in form of the apple mash/compote. However, this can be done quiet easy be done 1-2 days in advance (as the preparation of the apple boats without peel is quiet time consuming).

You can either serve this cake as a single serving or in one big bowl. From my childhood home I am used to have this cake served in one big bowl. I am not used to the tradition of adding small lumps of red jams such as redcurrant jam, as my mother never did that. However, in some family this is another tradition, when serving Danish apple cake.

Tradition Danish apple cake:
  1. Start by filling a layer of breadcrumbs into the glass/bowl.
  2. Afterwards fill apple mash/compote on top.
  3. Filling a second layer of breadcrumbs on top.
  4. Followed by a second layer of apple mash/compote.
  5. Continue to fill layer of breadcrumbs and apple mash, until the glass/bowl is almost filled.
  6. The last finishing touch is a top layer of whipped dairy cream.
  7. Let the apple cake rest in the refrigerator for 1-4 hours before serving it.

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