October 19, 2013

Preparations for PINK afternoon tea tomorrow

The invitation to my girl friends for the PINK afternoon tea
Based on last year´s great success among my good girl friends I decided to repeat the PINK afternoon tea, where I turn a bit maniac in my little kitchen baking and creating various eatable things, which is being served together with a glass of bubbles and plenty of freshly brewed coffee and tea.

As some of you know, I involved my work colleagues in a PINK muffin fund raising recently, so now it is my girls friends being involved in similar activity. My girl friends have been invited on the "condition", that they bring money, which will be donated to "A race against breast cancer".

Today I am busy for preparing for tomorrow´s PINK afternoon tea, so I am only sharing the invitation with you. I will post photos from the actually tea table tomorrow evening with, so you can see, that we have been enjoying.

I have been baking muscovado biscotti, rye bread with fennel seeds, small pies with caramel layer and various nuts, muffins with hazel nuts and pear and right here now I am making panna cotta, which will be served with rhubarb compote.

Tomorrow I "only" need to bake scones, make two types of rye bread sandwich, clear the entire kitchen living room after today's maniac activities and lay the tea table !!!

See you tomorrow :-)

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