October 20, 2013

PINK fund raising afternoon tea 2013

PINK afternoon tea 2013
MEGA - MEGA MANY THANKs to all of my amazing girls friends, who took part this afternoon in my second pink fund raising afternoon tea for their support, generosity and positive response to my invitation.

Together we collected 850 DKK, which has been transferred to www.araceagainstbreastcancer.dk, as this charity is accepting any amount of money without demands to specific value compared to other charities here in Denmark, which "demand" certain specific amount of money.

We starter the afternoon with a glass of bobbles, mixing sparkling rose wine with mixed together with ½ teaspoon of blackberry cognac. I did not dare to add more of this cognac in order "to control" the overall alcohol taste.

Rye bread with tuna salad
The first two eatable things were slices of rye bread with fennel seeds either with tuna salad or the great French combination of French soft goat cheese and French lavender jam (Fleurs de Lavande). The last option is so a great taste combination, which you really should try out in your kitchen !!!
French combo: goat cheese with lavender jam

Afterwards we moved towards the scone part of the menu. This time I add found a recipe on scones rose lemonade on a blog out here in blog country. I served these scones with the usual whipped dairy cream and another flower jam = rose jam.

Pie with caramel and nu
So now we were "warmed up" on the calorie part, ready to take on the cake part of this afternoon tea. The first cake was not a cake, but a muffin made with pear, hazel nuts and plenty of butter. The second cake was a cake in form small pies with caramel filling and nuts (the caramel was made with both dairy whipping cream and butter and the nuts was a mixture of four different nuts: hazel nuts, walnuts, almonds and pecans). The third cake was perhaps not a real cake, but more of a cookie type in form of  muscovado biscotti.

Panna cotta with rhubarb compote

I do not know about you, if you are feeling filled up by now ? My guests still had to taste the dessert part of this afternoon tea menu. The first dessert was a panna cotta with rhubarb compote. In order to "lower" the calorie content of this panna cotta, I had made it from ½ dairy whipping cream and ½ skimmed milk, instead of "only" dairy whipping cream.

Uuuhmm, the combination with rhubarb compote was bringing in some wonderful bringing freshness into this creamy sweet dessert base.

The other part of the dessert part was the "battle" between these vanilla ice creams: home-made vanilla ice cream a la "A Country Cooks Kitchen" versus ultra indulgent vanilla ice cream "artisan style".

In this vanilla ice cream election the preference between all the people around the tea table was in favour of the home-made vanilla ice cream a la "A Country Cook´s Kitchen", as it had a great vanilla flavour and a faster cleaning in the mouth. The other ice cream "artisan style" was ropy in texture.

As a finishing touch I served a fruit selection, so we could get some fibre to go with all the calories !!!

Everyone was filled up more than 100% in the stomach after the afternoon tea, and I as usual skipped my evening meal !!!!

I will as usual be sharing all the various recipes in the upcoming days/weeks, so look around on a regular basis, if you are looking for a specific recipes. Or leave me a comment, if you have a special interest, which you can not wait to make yourselve in your own kitchen, as I could re-adjust on the publishing order.

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