October 13, 2013

Ultra Indulgent Vanilla ice cream "artisan style"

I have been busy again "producing" vanilla ice cream, just like last week-end where I made this home-made vanilla ice cream a la "A Country Cook´s Kitchen". Yesterday I made yet another vanilla ice cream, which is more "artisan style" following the guidance from my work colleagues, which are some of the world leading ice cream experts ! So this recipe is calculated according to the "golden rules" for good ice cream having higher level of milk solids non fat, correct "ice cream factor" and some "magic" powder (functional food ingredients).

It was also due to the casted votes from some of  my colleagues, that the first ice cream election tuned out to be vanilla cream, as I should build up a good understanding of my ice cream machines capabilities. So I am planning to bring a portion of each ice cream to work, so we can have a sensory evaluation and select the best of these two vanilla ice creams. This is also the reason, why I have kept similar fat content and relative sweetness in each recipe.

I will describe this ice cream as being ultra indulgent in both cream taste as well as very rich in mouth coating texture. I do not know, if I dare to write, that this ice cream is a little too rich in texture, so I need to work on version having less of a fat content. You should be aware of, that the ice cream is having a calorie content of 1000 kJ/100 g and a fat content of almost 16% fat.

Vanilla ice cream "artisan style": 4-6 servings
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 278 g milk, 0-3% fat - just use your normal milk
  • 291 g dairy whipping cream, 38% fat
  • 35 g skimmed milk powder 
  • 87 g sugar
  • 29 g glucose syrup as powder
  • 5 g ice cream stabiliser
  1. Mix the milk and cream together in a small mixing bowl.
  2. Dry-mix the skimmed milk powder, sucrose, glucose syrup powder and ice cream stabiliser together. 
  3. Whip the milk-cream together and add the dry-mix in as you whip. 
  4. Pour the ice cream mix into a small cooking pot.
  5. Remove the vanilla seeds from the vanilla pod. Add both vanilla pod and seeds to the ice cream mix.
  6. Heat the ice cream mix over low-medium heat until hot, but not boiling.
  7. Cool down the ice cream mix in the refrigerator, let the mix stand for minimum 4 hours or night over. 
  8. Remove the vanilla pod from the ice cream mix.
  9. Whip the ice cream mix. 
  10. Pour into your ice cream machine and freeze it into ice cream.
  11. Store the ice cream in the freezer.


  1. Dear Kirsten, I wonder why my comment seems to be disappeared? Never mind, I really love your blog. You tell about recipies and you rank the flavour and so on. Keep on the work :-)

    1. Dear Jeanett,

      thank you very much for your very kind comment :-) I have no idea, why your comments seems to disappeared, the digital technology behaves in mysterious way from time to time.


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