October 27, 2013

Shopping baking books in England

Yesterday afternoon I returned from yet a quick trip to England. Well not quick taking into account the amount of time spend going there, but quick in the term, that we had 3½ hours for doing some serious shopping. So to have 3½ hours of shopping in Colchester, my mother and I spend 19 hours sailing from Esbjerg to Harwich and another 19 hours sailing back from Harwich to Esbjerg.  We made a similar shopping tour in January. So this time I knew exactly there all the relevant shops where and the best order of approach.

I only had there items on my shopping list: mincemeat, baking book and Boots facial cleansing wipes with cucumber. As usual I took my little shopping trolley with me, so I did not have to carry all the various shopping getting longer and longer arms. And this time the trolley ended up caring the following things:
  • "Seasonal Baking" by Fiona Cairns to 25 £
  • "The Great British Book of Baking". which accompany the BBC series The Great British Bake off - reduced from 20 £ to 5 £ (part of take 2 book pay 10 £)
  • "The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook" by Tarek Malouf and The Hummingbird Bakers - reduced from 17 £ to 5 £
  • two glasses of M&S Luxury Mincemeat
  • a glass of M&S Classic Mincemeat
  • a glass of M&S Morello Cherries in Kirsh
  • a glass M&S Sicilian Lemon Curd
  • a bottle of M&S Lemon Curd Liqueur
  • a box of M&S Scottish all butter Shortbread
  • 3 packs of Boots cucumber cleansing wipes

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