October 10, 2013

Walking tour on Gendarmstien between Padborg and Kollund

Küpfermühle with the oldest factory in Nordslegwig is dating back from 1600
Almost a month ago (as time is running) two friends and I were walking the first part of the Gendarmstien (The Gendarme Path), which is a walking path of 74 km between Padborg and Høruphav. Gendarmstien is located on the boarder between Denmark and Germany, and is where the boarder control force (Gendarmerne) walk on foot between 1920 and 1958, after the relocation of the boarder between Denmark and Germany took place in 1920 based on the results of the boarder vote.

Between Padborg and Kruså the boarder is placed on land marked with boarder stones, and after Kruså in Eastern direction the boarder is the Fjord of Flensborg.

The distance was approx 10-12 km. The weather was mostly a grey sky with plenty of clouds, which sometimes looked like it would start to rain, but we managed to spend the entire day without any rains drops hitting us. It is one of those days, where the weather looks grey and rainy, if you spend it indoor, but is you are outside you are having a completely different view, yes it is grey, but you do not have to cover up in rain clothes, so it actually perfect weather for a walking tour.

I am looking forward to taking the second distance today Thursday.
The Fjord of Flensborg - direction East from Kollund

The Fjord of Flensborg - direction West from Kollund

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