October 01, 2013

Welcome to October - the second month of Autumn

Welcome to October 

Now we can really feel, that Autumn is here, as the nights are becoming longer and longer day by day. However, I can still managed to get home from work in day light.

In September I had focus on working with apples in my little kitchen, which has resulted in 6 new recipes having apples has the important ingredient. And apples are still in season here in October in Denmark together with potatoes and other root fruits like red beets and pastinac. However, October is also the month, where you can find abundance of "black gold", if you take a stroll in a forest area.

I can see the question mark in your eyes, when you read "black gold", what is "black gold" ? Well, "black gold" is the two fruits: blackberry and elderberry !!!

Besides from being a month full of blackberries and elderberries, October is also the month of the colour PINK, where money is collected to support the fight against breast cancer. I have already invited some of my good girls friends around for PINK fund-raising afternoon tea, where I will bake and they will bring money to support this PINK work.

So pick up your a basket, put on some warm PINK cloth and enjoy a sunny afternoon outside picking blackberries and elderberries. And as a starting point I will be sharing these four blackberry recipes as appetiser with you. I will working with more recipes having blackberries as focus ingredient during this coming month.

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