October 08, 2013

Dinner at Belle Epoque, Nykøbing Mors

Mid September I and two other rowers were spending a weekend rowing on Limfjorden having the rowing club of Nykøbing Mors as base. Saturday we were very lucky with the weather, so we managed to row around the the little island of Fur. On the northern side of Fur you can see some amazing cliffs with various earth layers dating many millions year ago and showing off layers of old volcanic eruptions.

After a wonderful day spend rowing 46 km in total, we went to a restaurant in Nykøbing Mors called Belle Epoque to relax and enjoy an evening meal.

All three of us selected fish as main course. This evening  consisted of halibut, green asparagus, Norway lobster tails, new potatoes and a creamy fish sauce. When we first saw the portion, we found it to be looking quiet small. Anyway as we start digging into the meal, it was much bigger from the inside than it looked from the outside. The shear height of the halibut was very BIG.

The waitress was young, but giving us a good level of service. The only thing was, that she needed to know more about, where the different parts of the meal was coming from. At other restaurants of this type, the waiter will always be telling, where the various part of the course are coming from, like the asparagus from the local farmer and the Norway lobster tails from the island of Læsø !!! So I more or less let her go to and from the kitchen with my many different questions relating to the meal.

In total I ended to with paying approx 45 € for food and 1/3 of a bottle of white wine. I will give this fish meal 4 stars.

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