September 16, 2014

Any future for my pots and pans in a new kitchen ?

My colleagues at work are following my kitchen project and reflection - I probably give them no other options !

Here I will make a technological leap of dimensions from my "old fashion" cooker with conventional oven and solid hotplates to hobs with induction and separate oven with various new technology such as hot air, cooking thermometer, heat from above or from below, pyrolysis , hydro baking, etc..

As my work colleagues heard that I will have hobs with induction, I was told that I probably would have to replace all my pots and pans !!!! Quiet many of my colleagues had experienced this. I saw, that I had to let go off my Le Crueset pots !!!! I almost went into shock - I love my Le Crueset pots. Before panic took over, I managed to understand as much, that the induction requires that the pots are magnetic.

Next step was to find a magnet !!!! But who runs around with a magnet in their handbag? I certainly do not !!!! Think - think - think - I did went to sleep last night before, I remember, that I have plenty of magnets on my refrigerator, so out of bed and down in the kitchen checking the pot and pans with a magnet.

Out of five pots and two pans, four pots and one pan can be used on induction:-) I managed to calm down and go back to bed :-)

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