September 06, 2014

Hunting for new kitchen

My HTH kitchen and I have now been living together for 10 years, before we moved in together, the kitchen has been through several other relationships during it´s 23 years. The only two things, which I did, when I moved in, were to paint the walls in the kitchen and replaced the grips from white square HTH-grip version 1990 with oval steel handles. With me craftsman capabilities, this is the one and only thing, which I can handle. On the other side I am really good at making jam and baking cakes.

However, I have now decided to throw myself into a MEGA project in the form of "new kitchen" !!! which means new kitchen units, new appliances (stove, oven, fridge-freezer, dishwasher and range hood), new tile floor and new wall tiles.

I have looked at the floor tiles, where I seem to have an unusual desire for a tile of 20 cm x 20 cm in white !!!! The tiles are now at 30 cm x 30 cm or even larger (60 cm x 60 cm) in those dull colours: black, gray and beige, but not white !!!! At one place I got a catalogue of 244 pages with tiles, where I could ordered sample tiles home to my kitchen to see for them in reality. I mean, how hard can it be, an ordinary white floor tile !!!!

Fortunately enough I am living in Vejle, where the range of kitchen stores are large, very large indeed. So far I have visited HTH, Designation and Svane. And now I do not want to visit other kitchen stores !!! At Svane I walked away from the store with a plastic bag containing catalogues with a total weight of 2894 g !!! And at the Designa store I got the complete catalogue of appliances from Siemens. So I am not lacking reading stuff before falling a sleep at the moment.

As a person I am having a holistic overview, so all these many tiny details are less interesting for me as personality, but this is not an option in a kitchen store !!!! What I need is a white kitchen without gloss, drawers and no cupboards and a worktop, that I can cut directly on without a chopping board. Is the type of information enough for a kitchen seller ? NO. I have to make up my mind concerning all these other questions:
  • should the elements be with or without grips/handles ? 
  • should the elements be painted or in laminate ? 
  • should the drawers giblets be in wood or plastic? 
  • should the stove be induction? 
  • do I a cooking island? Oh, how the heck do I find the room for such a thing !
  • should it be Swedish country kitchen or trendy Italian style? 
  • will you do the dismantling of the kitchen yourself ? NO !!! And I will neither put the kitchen on my own or I will end up with all kitchen modules in one big pile on the floor. 
Every time you walk through the door to a kitchen shop you easy spend 1 hour answering all sorts of questions. Perhaps it is easier to buy a new house instead off ? 

The good thing is, that I know which tiles that I want for my kitchen wall :-) I saw some smaller tiles during my summer vacation from a potter located in North Jutland, who had made ​​a mosaic in four different colours, two blue and two green. And she is willing to make such tiles to me :-)

I also am considering to use various ceramic handles instead of the usual metal handles on the kitchen units.

And I am under no time pressure at all ? Well, if I would like to use the craftsman tax deductions I have to be finished before 31 December 2014 !!!

So right now I am anxiously awaiting the various drawings and price estimates. And when I will start to hyperventilating !!!

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