September 01, 2014

Welcome to Autumn - Welcome to September

Welcome to Autumn - Welcome to September

Autumn begins with the month of September. And September is somehow the Autumn version of April for me. One day can be amazing as a day full of sunshine and blue heaven, and the next day is just grey, windy and rainy. You have to enjoy every single day with good weather :-)

First apple harvest of 2014
It is also in September, that I can start to pick apples from my two apple tress in my little park. The first tree is of some unknown sort and the second tree is a family meaning one tree seeded with three different apple sort: Aroma, Ingrid Marie & Fillippa. The apple harvest of 2014 is lot looking to be as excellent, as last year, where the family apple almost was laying down on the lawn due all the many apples on it. And I could enjoy these apples well into the Winter.

Since the September 2013 welcome posting I would like to share these suggestion having apple as main ingredients as inspiration for you on how to use the abundance of apples in your kitchen.

If you have any suggestion to me, what I would be trying out in my own little kitchen during September involving the use of apples or other September produce, please feel free to leave a comment to this post :-) My friends in Horsens have suggest me to get hold of aronia fruits, so a big thank you for this great suggestion :-)

Scones with apple and walnuts

Apple "break" - bun with apple

Have a great apple harvest and enjoy your own use of apples :-)

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