September 21, 2014

Handles for my coming new kitchen

I have found these porcelain handles for my future kitchen from  Anne Black. Therefor I bought this small selection of handles, which I had with me for a meeting at kitchen company, where I was presented for a kitchen suggestions. So I could be confirmed at once if, these handles could be applied instead of the usual "standard" handle from the kitchen company.

It was a really good rowing friend of mine, which provided me with the excellent idea of finding "my" own handles instead of "just" picking something standard from the kitchen company. So a huge thank you to her for this great idea:-) By doing this I am able to put my own signature on my future kitchen.

And yes, the big handle of 4.5 cm in diameter can easily be used to both cupboards and drawers. And the kitchen company is able to place these handles in connection with putting up the new kitchen :-) I have decided to buy the green handle with glossy surface to the right side of the photo in big size of 4.5 cm. These handles were ordered (with volume discounts) at a dealer here in Vejle yesterday.

This is the second step been organised in connection with my kitchen project. The first step was of course to ensure the money at the bank.

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