September 11, 2014

Fish & chips at Fly Inn, HEL

After having breakfast in Billund Airport, it was time for me during my long working day to have dinner at Helsinki Airport, before returning to Denmark having a stop over in Sweden !!! In Helsinki Airport I normally always eat at Fly Inn, Helsinki Airport, as the food in interesting and the restaurant is located away from the busy airport area full of passengers, which means I am able to relax more.

This time I decided to fish " chips with Finnish twist in form of fried pike-perch with mashed arctic potatoes and pea puree and finely chopped marinated onions. My only complaint about this main course was the actually size of it, as it was quiet small.

I paided 46 € for this main course, a medium size glass of white wine and ½ l bottle water. I will give this main course four stars for it´s great taste and excellent look, but the overall portion was to small in my opinion.

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