September 05, 2014

Eating breakfast under time pressure at Gastro, BLL

This week I had the "pleasure" of full working day spend in Finland = flying out of Billund Airport at 06.20, returning back in Billund Airport at 22.30. Such a full working day also meaning, that you are buying everything, that you eat and drink at the various airports from breakfast to evening meal. Having most of meals in airports can either be a disaster or good experience.

So I start my "eating programme of the day" having breakfast at Gastro in Billund Airport after the security check, having something like 35 minutes, before I needed to board the plan, so I thought, that I time enough to enjoy the breakfast menu. The breakfast menu consisted of salmon from the island of Fanø, Greek yogurt with muesli & maple syrup, organic Gouda cheese from Naturmælk, bread roll, rye bread, butter, strawberry jam and a fresh fruit salad.

To be seated took approx 5 minutes, as the waiter is guiding you to available setting location, when you have to wait to the same waiter to take your order. So when I finally got the tea, juice and breakfast menu I had 12 minutes to stuff all the food and drink into my mouth and stomach !!! Eating under stress is not a pleasure for me (and I assume everyone will feel the same as I do), as I get the feeling, that the food is getting stuck somewhere between the mouth and the stomach !!!

The breakfast menu is looking delicious, it tastes good and is quiet filling. But having to eat and drink everything within 12 minutes, before you have to go, is not a pleasure at all. I did pay upon receiving the food, so I did not have to panic about hold of the waiter, before running off to catch my flight to Copenhagen.

This breakfast menu incl one cup of tea and orange juice costed 146 DKK. And I will this experience 2 stars, not due to low food quality, but due to stress coming from the time pressure !!!! I have no idea if, this time pressure comes from to few waiters or too long time to prepare the breakfast menu, but looking at it, most of this breakfast menu can be prepared in advance, so it could take very little time to serve.

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