December 02, 2014

Christmas Calendar 2014 Day 2 - Brownie-muffin a la "A piece of cake"

I have found this recipe on Brownie-muffins in the very interesting cake book "a piece of cake" by Leila Lindholm.

I have basically made no changes to the recipe ! Well besides from using a mix of both light and dark syrup, as I did not have enough light syrup. The taste is excellent, as you are working both with cocoa powder and dark chocolate. Using that extra money on buying the dark chocolate is worth every single penny ! And the second change is, that I "only" used butter instead of the combination of butter and oil, as I could not find my oil after "moving back" into my new kitchen !!!

To boost the Christmas taste you could consider to add in 1/4-½ teaspoon cinnamon !

The only thing, which I struckled with, was the baking time of the muffins, as I have got a new oven. I had to increase the baking time from 12 minutes to 20-22 minutes to get a baked muffin still with a soft inner brownie core.

Brownie-muffin a la "a piece of cake): - 12 muffins

  • 2 eggs
  • 180 g sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
  • 100 g butter - melted
  • 80 g light syrup
  • 80 g dark syrup
  • 120 g (cake) wheat flour
  • 40 g cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 100 g dark chocolate - melted

  1. Heat up the oven to 175'C (conventional heating).
  2. Whip egg, sugar and vanilla sugar light and foam with an electrical mixer.
  3. Add in the melted butter and syrups and whip again.
  4. Mix flour, baking powder, salt and cocoa together. Break any lumps coming from the cocoa powder.
  5. Gentle stir this powder mix into the liquid phase. Afterwards add in the melted chocolate.
  6. Fill the dough into muffin form, no more than 2/3 of the form should be filled up.
  7. Bake the brownie-muffin in the middle of the oven at 175'C for 20-22 minutes.
  8. The brownie-muffin should collapse in the inner centre, when removed from the oven.
  9. Cold down the brownie-muffins.

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