December 28, 2014

Christmas lunch 2014 for "The Wonderful Women"

This afternoon the annual Christmas lunch for "The Wonderful Women" took place. Actually we discussed how many times we have been meeting up for this Christmas lunch on either the third or forth Christmas Day !!! We did not end up with a precise answer to this (un)important of oures.

This time we went for our classic cheese tapas, which is mixture of two types of sausages, ham, pate, four different cheeses, olive and pickled onions. Along with the cheese tapas I had bakes two breads: the world´s best bread !!! (not my name suggestion) and a bread very suitable for butter.

As tradition demands we started the Christmas lunch with a bobbling cocktail containing pomegranate, gin and sparkling wine (I will share the recipe in the new year) and the drivers could enjoy CARROT LIFT. The non-drivers also became addicted to this home-made juice.

Based on last years good experience we continue with another new tradition by playing package game (pakkeleg in Danish), where each person as minimum had brought minimum two gifts. And these gift could be every thing incl. leftovers from Christmas. And all the new owners were very happy with their Christmas cookies, soap, books, candy, magazines, stockings etc.

And the end we did not have any room for the home-made ice cream (nougat ice cream and liquorice ice cream), so I will have to find some other persons, who can help me eating this ice cream.

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  1. Hi Karen,

    great idea :-) I will bring some ice cream for New Year Eve.



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