December 21, 2014

Gløgg evening for women of Vejle 2014

Again it has been time for inviting over some amazing women living locally to help me out removing the huge amount of surplus of calories filling up my new kitchen from my annual Christmas Calendar version 2014. Besides from eating plenty of calories, my good girl friends also admired my new kitchen, filled my kitchen living area with plenty of good talks and great laugther, while they did their best to eat my of my kitchen !!!!

The liquid part of the "menu" was alcohol-free cherry gløgg together with the usual coffee and Chaya Christmas tea, which could assist the local "helping mouths" in enjoying the following "creations" from the Christmas Calender 2014:

Besides from bringing me some much needed help I got these wonderful hostess gifts, which both are  bringing an extra decorative element to my home during the festive season as well as giving new food creation experiences in my kitchen.

And yes, ladies of Vejle you will be invited again for gløgg evening in 2015 :-)

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