March 18, 2011

Annual meeting in the wine club at work

The annual meeting in the wine club at work took place this evening. The official part of the annual meeting took the usual 10 minutes !!!!!! as everyone knows, that the most important part of the annual meeting is the wine tasting right after :-))

This evening we tasted a total of 8 red wines coming from Bordeaux, Lussac-Saint-Émiilon, Saint-Èmilion Grand Cru, Lalande-de-Pomerol, Pomerol and Saint-Julien. The last wine of the evening was the best wine of the evening according to my taste buds, which have a preference for Cabernet Sauvignon dominated wine instead of Merlot. This wine was a 1999 Clos du Marquis to "nice" price of 250 DKK. Personal I would spend this amount of money on bottle of champagne instead of a red wine. My real preference is actual white wine and sparkling wine.

After the guided wine tasting we could enjoy the rest of the wine with different dried sausages, pate, cheese, bread and olives. Uuuhmmm, it tasted great.

It is amazing, how tired or rather exhausted you can be a Friday evening around 22 o'clock after a week full of four full days of meetings. And it get worse and worse as you get older !!!!!

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