March 02, 2011

New teas for my tea cup 1

As I have emptied two tea canisters during the last days, today has been a big day of decision ! Which two new teas from my tea stock should be filling up these empty tea canister ???

The choice felt on two teas from my last trip to Maastricht from the company Simon Lévelt. The first tea is "Lovely Lemon" a black tea with lemon and lime. The second tea is "Herfst Thee" another black tea with cinnamon and apple. I am looking forward to taste those two tea in my tea cups both at home as well as at work.

At work we can either drink Lipton tea or bring our own tea. Until approx ½ year ago my taste buds were feeling OK drinking the Lipton tea, but from one day to the other day the taste of the Lipton tea change from drinkable to quiet unpleasant according to my taste buds. Quiet a strange experience, basic from one day to the other !!!!! So now I bring small cans with my own tea, so I choose between 2-3 different during the working day.

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  1. In my opinion "Lovely Lemon" lacks lemon flavour, so I have been increasing the lemon taste by addition of a slice of lemon to the tea cup.


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