March 26, 2011

Kokottebrød med ramløg - Kokotte bread with ramson

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This bread was selected in voting by you this week (8 votes out of a total of 9 votes), as the bread I should bake and bring for the cheese tapas with some of my rowing friends. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this bread voting :-)

This bread has also been a bit of a challenge for me ! Actual to be able to find all the right ingredients. Besides from the obvious ingredients like flour (spelt), yeast, salt, water and oil, I also needed to get hold of hazelnuts (easy task). But these two ingredients ramson (wild herb growing in the forest during spring time or as dried herb in a shop) and a beer called Nutty Brown from Ørbæk brewery, were something of a challenge.

I managed to find dried ramson after phoning the manufacturer of the herb and looking into more than 3 of the mentioned supermarkets.

I believed, that to buy the mentioned beer in the recipe would be like a walk in the park !!! However, I decided to check the mentioned beer type with a brew master at work before going shopping Thursday afternoon.

And am I glad, that I did that ??? YES !!!! Because Nutty Brown was impossible to buy in the supermarket. So based on the brew master's recommendation I brought an ale beer instead of from the same brewery called RED. An ale will have less rest sugar after brewing compared to a stout beer and therefore bring less sweetness.

It is the first time, that I have used beer in bread making. And it was quiet funny to see all the foam in the mixing bowl.

In the recipe it is mentioned, that the grated hazelnuts should be added prior to kneading. This is last time, that I will do that !!!!! These grated hazelnuts kept popping out of the dough during kneading, so I had to vacuum clean the kitchen floor afterwards for pieces of hazelnuts. So another time I will first add the hazelnuts after kneading.

I also decided to use baking paper in the clay form instead of oiling the form. I clearly remember my difficulties in getting the Frederiksgård Frokostbrød out in one piece off the baking form.

I will be making this bread again in the near future using fresh ramson.

The rowing friends really liked the bread :-)

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