March 05, 2011

Grønsagsboller - vegetable buns

"Hjemmebagt" - 73 recipes - 4 accomplished = 69 recipes to bake

As I have been emptying my very, very little freezer from buns, it has been possible for me to "continue with my task", which is to bake my way through all the recipes in the bread book "Hjemmebagt".  My little freezer only has TWO drawers. The good thing about a small freezer is, that you never store frozen things for too long, as you need to remove frozen food in order to get new food into the freezer. "Nice" argument !!! the real reason is, that I have no room for real freezer in my kitchen or else where in my house.

This Saturday I continued with yet another "easy" bread recipe, which is not involving the use of sour dough or pre-ferment/polish. At a certain time I know, that I will start on these more challenging recipes.

Besides from yeast, water, spelt flour and oil these vegetable contains beside eggs, carrots, parsley and vegetable juice: Grønsagsboller

And instead of the "usual" whiter dough colour, the dough is light pink in colour.After baking the colour of the vegetable buns are more normal brownish.

The taste is actual quiet good :-)) So now my little freezer is stocked up with buns for the coming 2-3 working weeks. I always put the bun right from the oven into the freezer. If you use the microwave oven from defrosting the bun, it will be like a bun coming straight out of the oven.

Tomorrow Sunday I will be baking again. This time not for the freezer, but for some colleagues for a work meeting this coming Tuesday.

I will be baking Shrovetide buns, as it is Shrovetide Sunday tomorrow.

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