March 25, 2011

Kitchen equipment 3 - Marimekko apron & oven gloves

I am a big fan of the Marimekko flower either on towels, bed linen or kitchen equipment. I just like the positive feeling I get, while looking at these "naive" flowers.
On one of my business trips to Finland I found this Marimekko apron and oven gloved with 50% discount at the Marimekko outlet store in the Helsinki area.

The only available colour was purple, but this is NOT an issue for me as purple is my favourite colour incl. for cloths. Some of my work colleagues believe, that I only have purple cloth in the wardrobe !!!!

I am looking forward to my next business trip to Helsinki, which is coming up soon. As you never know, that you will find of Marimekko thing in this outlet ????

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