March 24, 2011

"Gækkebrev" (= Easter Egg letter) received today

Today my letterbox contained a "Gækkebrev" (=Eater Egg letter or decorated letter sent at Easter containing a riddle). I have already guessed, who the sender is, so I will be collecting an "Egg" at Easter :-))

"Gækkebrev" is very, very Danish tradition in connection with Easter. You can either buy a very nice colourful "gækkebrev" at the post office incl. the spring poem, so you only have to "sign" with letter with dots illustrating your name and send it to the receiver (see the picture above). Or you create your own very letter in form of a paper cutting with a spring poem include a snow drop an again sign the letter with dots (see the picture below).

If you guess the sender of the letter, you will inform the sender about this, and therefore you are entitled to receive an Easter Egg, typical in form of a chocolate egg, in connection with Easter.
However, if you unable to identify the sender, you have to give the sender an Easter Egg.

Thank you to all of you :-)) who participate in my vote about, which bread I should bake from my bread book "Hjemmebagt" for the cheese tapas tomorrow evening. The "winner" bread is Kokottebrød med ramsløg = "Kokette" bread made from spelt flour, beer, hazelnuts and ramson. I will also bake another bread, which I keep as a secret until later on. So I have been busy make two dough this evening. And they are cold raising until tomorrow afternoon, where I will bake them.

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