March 27, 2011

Elins valnøddebrød - Elin's walnut bread

"Hjemmebagt" - 73 recipes - 6 accomplished = 67 recipes to bake

As I was making the dough for this walnut bread at the same time, as I was making the dough for the Kokottebread, I was making the mistake of adding the grated nuts before kneading TWICE !!!! So while vacuum cleaning the kitchen floor, the vacuum cleaner was "eating" both hazelnuts and walnuts. I hope it is not suffering from nut allergy.

So another time I will first add the walnut after kneading, so they do not pop out of the the dough during kneading.

Instead of barley malt syrup I decided to use "normal" sugar syrup instead of.
I have another recipe from on walnutbread from Skærtoft Mølle, which I share with you here: Valnøddebrød med speltmel.

You can either use the dough for baking two large breads or approx. 16 buns. I used one part of the dough for making a bread for the cheese tapas. And the other part of the dough I used for baking buns for my freezer.

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