March 30, 2011

Food shopping in Helsinki March 2011

During my business trip to Finland I used the opportunity to fill my suitcase with a few interesting thing, which you more or less only can buy in Finland.

First point on my shopping list was tooth paste with a high level of xylitol, which will reduce your risk for tooth decay. So after being "good" to my teeth, I could with a relaxed mind buy Finnish style candy !!!!!!

So the second point was different type of milk chocolate with liquorice. The first type is milk chocolate with liquorice drages. The second chocolate is Salmiakki, which is milk chocolate with a fluid salmiac filling inside.

I am just "crazy" with these liquorice chocolates.

The final thing on my shopping list is Finnish Easter egg. These Easter egg is real eggs, where the egg shell is filled with nougat chocolate with almonds and nuts.
According to the "locals", you should put the Easter egg in the refrigerator, before you remove the egg shell, so your fingers do not become messy.

The tricky issue about these Easter egg is the transport home in the suitcase, as the egg shell easy breaks :-(

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