March 22, 2011

Fantastic "fast food" meal at Beta

In connection with a company seminar last week with colleagues from both Denmark and various countries around the world, we were invited for dinner at Beta in Århus. Beta in doing private dining with focus on molecular gastronomy The focus for this evening was on FAST FOOD !!!!!!

However, we started with a glass of sparkling wine, which has nothing to do with fast food :-))

The first appetizer was spaghetti with ketchup and Parmesan cheese. It was not the usual version, known by poor students. The spaghetti had been cooked, dried and then fried. And the tomato ketchup was whipped just before serving. The Parmesan cheese was served in the usual way, grated over the spaghetti.

The second appetizer was a bread sandwich. A mix of flour and egg was whipped, before it add on top of parsley. Afterwards it was "cooked" in a microwave oven. The taste reminded me about a typical cauliflower gratin.

The starter was "fish & chips" served with mayonnaise. The "chips" was dried cod fish and the potato was cut in half before frying.
The bread tasted perfect :-))

When I saw, that the second starter would be served in a metal tin like the very traditional Danish markerel in tomato, I did not have high expectation !!!! However, it turned out to be ravioli in thin sliced of squash and carrots with yet another "snow layer" of Parmesan cheese. This second starter was a delight for the eye as well for the taste buds.
The chips for the main course, not potato, but celery with hollandaise sauce.
The main course was another fast/junk food classic = the cheese burger !!!!!
This cheese burger is the BEST cheese burger, which I ever have been eating. The minced beef meat also contain an extract of ox tails boiled in red wine. This cheese burger was simple the BEST :-)))
For dessert we got mango vanilla milk shake + vanilla sundae ice cream with mango + chocolate muesli bar. The milk shake and the ice cream were just perfect. The muesli bar was rich in flavour, but not on the same level taste wise as the mango desserts.
Finally we were served tea (or coffee) with a soft toffee.

All in all it was a fantastic meal, which we were served at Beta, and the frame around it was also very, very inspirational.

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