July 20, 2013

Barbecue evening in my little park

I am almost ready for the annual barbecue evening together with some great friends in my little park. As you can see we will be sitting outside as tradition demands, as only a hurricane or serious rain mean, that we can sit inside and eat. And the weather is perfect for a barbecue  this evening, where we have the sun shinning from a blue sky without any clouds, temperature above 25'C and almost no wind :-)

As usual I am responsible for the grill, the drinkables and dessert. The participating friends will be bringing the rest including their good mood !!! This is a very nice way of entertaining friends = please come and visit me, but please bring the food with you !!!!

As dessert I had a wish about making twist breads with marzipan, which I when bravely enough decided, that you are blog reader should have the final call on, as I issued a blog vote about. In this voting you could vote:

  • yes - off cause
  • no - you are too stuffed to eat anything as dessert
  • I do not care at all

I am sure, that the guests of this evening are happy with your decision.

  • 9 votes for yes to twist bread
  • 2 votes for no to twist bread
  • 1 vote for not caring at all
  • 12 votes in total
A big thank you to all of you, who decided to play along with on this blog voting.

I will be sharing photos of the food, which the guests are bringing with them tomorrow. And now I better get starting on making the twist bread dough with marzipan.
The park is ready for the guest to arrive
The bonfire is ready for making twist breads

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