July 28, 2013

Greek yogurt with rhubarb compote and honey roasted muesli

I found this recipe on Greek yogurt served together with rhubarb compote and honey roasted muesli in the weekly magazine Femina (issue 27/2013). And it looked like a perfect start to a lazy Sunday breakfast or a lovely brunch together with friends and family.

It is not the last time, that I spend the time on making this rhubarb compote or the honey roasted muesli, as they really are the key ingredients to serving this yogurt. I decided to use Greek yogurt with 10% fat, as I like the creaminess of such a product, however, use a yogurt with what ever fat content you have a prefer for. And you also use any type of yogurt, which you have in your refrigerator to make this brunch dish.

If you are serving more dishes for the brunch table you can easily reduce the yogurt amount to less, as it is a quiet filling dish.

Greek yogurt with rhubarb compote and honey roasted muesli: - 1 serving

  1. Start by adding the rhubarb compote into the serving dish
  2. Fill 200 g Greek yogurt on top of the compote
  3. Finish of with addition of the honey roasted muesli.
  4. Grab a spoon and enjoy this start to your day :-)

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