July 16, 2013

Elder flower tea

After my BIG disaster making this first version of elder flower tea, which turned into one big lump of loose tea leafs combined with some yeasty look-a-likes, I decided this was a development area of mine, where I could develop new competencies !!! Such as making an elder flower tea maintaining it´s structure of loose tea leafs and without yeast. So please cross your fingers out there behind your laptops for a successful outcome on this way of making elder flower tea.

I am really hooked on this idea of making an elder flower, as both the sight and taste of elder flower for me is a true sign of Danish Summer.

By the way you can also participate in an on-going vote on this blog until Friday 19 July 17.00 CTE, if I should make twistbread with marzipan for a barbeque evening this upcoming Saturday. So it is up to you, if my guests should have dessert or not !!!!

UPDATE June 2014:
This elder flower tea is another match made in heaven for the monthly blogging event Tea Time Treats have the theme of flower. Tea Time Treast is managed by Karen from Lavender and Lovage and Jane from The Hedge Combers. The theme for June 2014 has been selected by Karen to be "get floral in flaming June".

Elder flower tea: - 100 g tea
  • 100 g Earl Grey tea
  • 1 lemon (organic) - only the peel
  • 5-7 stems of elder flowers - only using the dried flower heads
  1. Start by removing the elder flower head from the elder flower stems, and let the flower head dry. It took me 1 day to dry these flower heads.
  2. Use a potato peeler in order to remove the peel in a thin layer of the lemon
  3. Dry the lemon peel at 75'C for 1 hour
  4. Cut the dried lemon peel into small pieces. I used a scissor for this purpose.
  5. Mix the tea with the small pieces of dry lemon peel and dried flower heads.
  6. Mix everything together in glass, which is air tight.
  7. Let the tea stand for a few hours, before making the first cup/pot of tea.


  1. ANOTHER great recipe - LOVE this one! Karen

    1. Hi Karen, this tea has an amazing summerly taste :-)


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