July 13, 2013

Elder flower liqeuer - failure

I am a big fan of elder flowers, and I like to find different ways of using this wonderful flowers in my little kitchen. And this year I decided, that I wanted to try to make elder flower liqueur. I imaging in my mind, that elder flowers, lemon peel and vodka would be a perfect combination.

In my mind it is equal important to share your all of your experience within your kitchen, so both the things, which turns about as expected and the things, where something goes wrong. Perhaps you behind your screen would be able to share your knowledge as too how, my failures can be corrected and therefore give me the expected result.

Well, a long start to this elder flower liqueur, which is instead of being a wonderful Summer liqueur turned into bitter alcoholic nightmare. The elder flowers were changing the colour from cream white to a brownish black colour. Afterwards I have reading various recipe on elder flower liqueur out here in the virtual world, so I will have another go on making this elder flower liqueur of my mind, as I still can find elder flowers here in Denmark, even though we are in the end of the elder flower season.

Elder flower liquuer:
  • 620 g vodka
  • 10 stems of elder flower - without the larger part of the stem
  • 1 organic lemon - only the zest
  • 80 g sugar
  1. Put the elder flowers and lemon zest into a glass.
  2. Afterwards fill vodka on top of the elder flowers.
  3. Place the elder flower vodka at room temperature for 10-14 days.
  4. Remove the elder flowers and lemon zest from the vodka.
  5. Sweeten the vodka with sugar.

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