July 07, 2013

Aperol Spritzer

Cheers :-)
I try out this Aperol Spritzer on my friends in connection with an afternoon tea in garden. I am sharing the recipe as I made it, but a general agreement was, the drink was too bitter in the taste for us, so I would recommend, that you try sweet (sparkling) wine instead of the dry sparkling wine, which I used.

Aperol Spritzer: - 1 drink

  • 9 cl sparkling dry wine
  • 6 cl Aperol
  • 1 splash of sparkling water
  1. Start by filling the glass with Aperol followed by (sparkling) wine and finally a splash for sparkling water.
  2. Serve the drink as it is or garnish it with slice of orange.
  3. Cheers :-)

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