July 14, 2013

Lazy Sunday breakfast

Finally a lazy Sunday, where I had no need of getting early up and eat the usual bowl of muesli with milk and drink a glass of milk, before rushing off to the rowing club for an early morning row at 7.00 o'clock !!!

So I spend yesterday afternoon preparing for this lazy breakfast in bed making  rhubarb compote and muesli made from honey roasted oat/rye flakes, roasted nuts and raisins. These two key ingredients were to eaten together with real Greek yogurt with the traditional fat level (= 10% fat - uuhmm), served in my very own glass bowl from the Chobani yogurt bar in New York :-))

I also enjoyed a glass of apple juice from Løgismose with a touch of mint. It was a good apple juice, but I could NOT detected any touch of mint anywhere in the apple juice. In my opinion you should be able to taste the ingredients, if it is high lighten on the product !!!

Yes, I spend some time preparing for some part of the breakfast, and when I spend no time making croissants !!! I simply used a ready-to-bake croissant dough, which I pimped with a small tea spoon of speculoos = Belgian Nutella baked in a inner core if the croissant.

While I was enjoying breakfast in bed reading new papers (being a bit behind on Friday´s and Saturday´s local newspapers), Hannibal the Cat was taking a nap in the bathroom sink after a night out in mouse-town.

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