July 10, 2013

Elder flower vinegar a la Klidmoster

I have found this this recipe on elder flower vinegar on the great blog by Klidmoster, and I have no made any changes at all to her recipe.

So this evening I was out walking in the neighbourhood cutting some more elder flowers for use in my little kitchen. Afterwards I spend one hour in front of the TV removing the elder flowers from the stems by hand and this process is quiet time consuming.

So a small part of all the these individual elder flowers was used for this elder flower vinegar, while the majority of the elder flowers are now turned into elder flower liqueur. I will share the recipe with you on this liqueur in the near future.

However, if you would like to work with elder flowers in your own kitchen, it is about time that you get yourself outside in the nature, as the elder flowers now are turning into the green elder berries, so you need to hurry up !!!!

Elder flower vinegar a la Klidmoster:

  • only elder flowers - without any stems at all
  • white wine vinegar
  1. Remove the elder flowers from the stem.
  2. Fill the elder flowers into a clean glass.
  3. Fill up the glass with white vinegar.
  4. Place the glass in the refrigerator for some weeks, before the vinegar is ready.
  5. You can refill the glass with more vinegar as you use it.

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