July 30, 2013

Kashmir Tchai for my tea pot 19

Kusmi tea is my favourite tea brand for several reasons. Yes as starting point I will admit, that I like the tea tins, but it does not "hurt" the tea to be "dressed" up in a good-looking tea tin !!! But the most important reasons are, that all the Kusmi tea looks great and taste wonderful :-))) I will also admit, that the Kusmi teas do cost a substantial amount of money, but here the tricks are either to but them, when your local tea pusher are having them on offer due to the tea being close to end of shelf-life OR to buy the teas in France, where they are cheaper compared to the price level here in Denmark. And in some of the Kusmi tea shops in Paris you can actually buy your favourite tea in loose weight, so only the tea without any tea tin, which also is costing less money.

Well back to basic !!!! I really like both the nice look and the fantastic spicy tea taste of Kashmir Tchai, which is a blend of tea and spices according to the traditional Nepalese recipe. As spices there is used ginger, cinnamon, bay leaves, anise and cloves.

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