June 13, 2011

Afternoon tea in the garden

Is it possible to overeat and overdrink at an afternoon tea ? Yes, even if you include a walk down and up hill after the muffin !!!! And I have no room at all for any food this evening.

I had invited some friends around for afternoon tea in the garden as part of my birthday celebration. And the weather behaved to some degree, meaning we only had to "run" in door after eating the strawberry pie/cake with everything due to rain.

My guests were reluctant to try the combination of lavender meringue with Earl Grey with lavender, as it perhaps would give them lavender nightmares. I hope, that I am able to convince some of my work colleagues to evaluate this combination later on this week.

This is the afternoon tea menu: I will share the rest of the recipes with you at a later stage.
And you can see tea menu here. 

Thank you for some great company this afternoon :-)

You hear about people getting a goodie-bag as gift. I got a goodie-box instead of with different type of milk chocolate, jams, white wine, sparkling wine, caramels, two books and some fresh rhubarbs.

Thank you very much for this gift, which is highly appreciated, and I am looking forward to taste and read my goodie-box :-)

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