June 19, 2011

Going elder flower hunting with Hannibal the Cat

Elder flowers are blooming everywhere, so this evening I went hunting for elder flowers in my local surroundings. And Hannibal the Cat decided to go elder flower hunting together with me  :-)

As the elder trees in my local neighborhood have formed a defence team with the local nettle gang, it is important, that you dress up with rain boots and long trousers to protect yourself against nettle burnings.

Hannibal the Cat for some unknown reason decided to join me on this elder flower hunt, he would either in front or behind me like a dog, which is a little bite strange, as he is actual a CAT !!!

 Have you cut the last elder flower now ?
Yes, finally the "human" is finished with her strange task, so we can go home again.
While, the human is cleaning and cutting all the elder flowers in "our" kitchen, a little rest is much needed for the "garden lion".
I will share the recipe on this specific elder flower cordial Friday with you. This will give you time to go shopping for the "magic" ingredients as well as finding your own spot for cutting elder flower away from roads.
Beside from elder flower you will need lemon, lime, lemon grass, citric acid, sugar and honey. Go shopping, so you will ready for me to share the recipe you this coming Friday.

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