June 07, 2011

Beginning of elder flower season

The season for elder flower is just beginning here in Denmark, which you also can see out here in Danish blog land. This means, that the Danes will be out collecting elder flowers for their own home-made elder flower cordial. It also means, that buying citric acid powder or vinegar acid powder in your local supermarket, can become an impossible mission, as this is one of the ingredients in home-made elder flower cordial. 

I went bicycling this evening in the local country side to check the status of blooming elder flowers. It is still in the beginning of the season. So I should plan to "empty" the shelf in the supermarket for citric acid in the coming days, before you get similar ideas :-)

I picked two elder flowers for my evening tea. First you make your usual cup of black tea. Afterwards you infuse this cup of tea with one-two elder flowers for 1-2 minutes. It gives you a refreshing flower flavour.

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