June 16, 2011

Raspberry growth in the kitchen garden

I will not say, that Hannibal the Cat is a keen gardener like his human, but from time to time he will drop in and evaluated the on-going garden work. After a little time he will run off again to get hold off some more fresh mouse or bird sushi, which he lucky enough will eat away from home.

My fig tree is having a slow start this season judging by leaf size and leaf amount. So fare I have only been able to detect ONE fig growing on my tree. If this is correct, 2011 will the year with the lowest fig harvest since the planting of the fig !!!! Hopefully I find some fig fruit during my next inspection.
However, my raspberry bush is really having a show-off, 2011 could turn out to the best harvest year ever.
Uuuuhmmmm, I can not wait to taste these raspberry, eating them directly from the bush.

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