June 03, 2011

Eating at Fly Inn Helsinki Airport May 2011

Eating in airports is many time not such a positive experience. Main times you are sitting in a very noisy environment with people rushing around you on their way to a flight. For my this is not a relaxing occasion, so I am not able to enjoy my meal 100 %.

However, on my way back to Denmark from Finland I had two hours in Helsinki Airport, so I took my time to find a decent place to eat my evening meal. And I was lucky :-) I found a restaurant called "Fly Inn" located at the first floor in a room shielded away from the rest of the airport, so you could eat in a more silent environment with a panorama view over the runway. It will not be the last time for me to have an meal here in Helsinki Airport.

As a starter I had frothy mushroom soup flavoured with rosemary. It was an excellent soup, thick and creamy with a good taste of rosemary, one of my favourite herbs.

As main course I had reindeer calf roast with potato fondant and dark truffle sauce. The potato fondant was an uninteresting dry baked potato. However, the meat was great, very soft and rich flavour.

For dessert I had organic vanilla ice cream with vanilla flavoured fresh berries, which was a nice sweet end to this meal.

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