June 08, 2011

New family members in the kitchen garden

Last week-end was a busy time in my little garden as the weather was warm and sunny :-) I was busy, while Hannibal the Cat enjoyed a relaxed life style combined with some fresh mouse sushi.
I had three points on my to-do-list !!! Cleaning and painting the lower out-side part of my house blue. DONE

Buy tomato and chili plants and plant them those on my terrace on a south facing wall. DONE
I went to the local food market I found Saturday, where I found a chili plant with medium strength of the sort cayenne. I also found three different tomato plants. A Greek tomato, a "plain" red cherry tomato and a yellow cherry tomato called "Clementine".

Extending my herb collection with tarragon and basil in out-door pots. DONE

I still need to find a new rosemary plant for my herb collection.

My fig tree had a tough winter, so it is still behind with it growth. However, I can find fig fruit with different size, from very, very small to one single fig with a good bigger size like this one.
And my potatoes are growing and growing. So I wonder, when I will be able taste my own home-grown potatoes ?


  1. Skøn kat og sikke en masse dejlige planter :-)

    Mange hilsner

  2. Hi viji,

    thank you very much for your kind comment :-)

    Best regards Kiki


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