June 15, 2011

Sensory evaluation of lavender meringue and lavender tea

Some of my work colleagues are more brave than my afternoon tea guests Whit Monday !!!!

Today I had arranged a sensory evaluation with two good colleagues of the combination of lavender meringue with Earl Grey with lavender. And my work colleagues are certained, that they will NOT suffer from a lavender nightmares involving a lavender perfumed old grand mother.

Actual the combination was evaluated as great, being Danish we will NOT use the word "fantastic" !!! The Earl Grey was judged to have to have delicate flavour of lavender, while the meringue had a strong pungent taste of lavender (even strong enough for my colleague having a cold to taste the lavender).

We also discussed that it could be interesting to test the meringue recipe (without addition of lavender) in combination with saffron and rose or rose alone.

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